The Fifth Food Avenue

The Fifth Food Avenue opened on May 2006. The concept is  “THE FIFTH food avenue, New Definition of International Food Hall. We provide a wide range of international food both authentic and fusion food

There are 16 Kiosks in the international food hall consist of Thai food, Japanese food, Italian food, Vietnamese food,Indian food, Arabic food, Seafood ,Mexican food ,Lebanese food, Indonesian food, Korean food and others.  We serve gourmet style dining with service convenient.Customer can choose a variety of food  with cash card , valued 1000 THB and pay at cashier. Dinning area is arranged with relaxed atmosphere.

Customers will be fascinated with the open kitchen style. There are variety of  food and expert chef from famous restaurants,open daily 10AM to 10PM

The Fifth Food Avenue Branches
  • MBK Center Floor 5