We develop the quality rice for
the happiness of everybody in family

Aim at developing systems and
high-potential employees


Create a diversified business partner network.

Business under the MBK Food Solution


“Mah Boonkrong Rice”

Patum Rice Mill and Granary Public Company Limited is one of the largest rice manufacturer equipped with the high technology factory and modernized facility in Asia. We produce and serve our products to both overseas and domestic markets. Our brand “Mah Boonkrong” is the first packaged rice brand in Thailand, which is well accepted and popular to the customers.

Our company has achieved the certification of GMP, HACCP, ISO 9001 and BRC from local and international organization for our high quality standard.


The Food Court and Restaurant

นอกจากธุรกิจผลิตและจัดจำหน่ายข้าวสารแล้ว ทางบริษัทฯ ยังดำเนินกิจการด้านศูนย์อาหาร คือ Food Legends by MBK ที่มีอยู่ 2 สาขา ได้แก่ ชั้น 6 MBK Center และ ชั้น 4 สามย่านมิตรทาวน์

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