Five-Color Rice

For: Children who are learning to eat vegetables. Children and vegetables are not the enemy anymore. tasting the delicious Mahboonkrong Plus Rice combination with vegetables delicious many piecemeal. By the mother do not need to buy and prepare the ingredients for trouble.

Identity: Fractures nourishing the intestinal diarrhea. It also contains proteins, minerals and vitamins, or almost every kind.Carrots help eyesight and the immune system, eliminating the carcinogens skin. Peas have anti-cancer and anti-heart disease, calcium and phosphorus, foods high in fiber.Corn nourish and strengthen the body, nourish the brain with a high fiber diet. The function of the excretory system.

Kinds of Rice

Hom Mali Rice 100% mixed with carrots, peas, corn.

How to cook

1 part rice to 1.3 parts water.


450 g

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